• All cats are boarded at owners risk. Any cats not collected within 7 days of the end of the booking, with no communication received, will need to be handed over to an available animal shelter.
  • Any changes to your booking received later than 14 days before your check in day will be charged, at 50% of the daily cost, per day for any days booked but not used.
  • All cats must be immunised against cat flu and feline infectious enteritis. If your cats booster has lapsed and needs to be restarted, the full course must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to stay.
  • We will feed your cat the amount of food recommended by the manufacturer unless otherwise requested.
  • We supply Worlds Best clumping litter or Natural Wood Pellets. Litter trays are checked throughout the day to ensure they are kept clean and to monitor toilet frequency.
  • All our guests are separated from other cats (unless part of a group booking from the same family), we regret we cannot accept an un-neutered male cats over 5 months old.
  • In the unfortunate event of your cat being taken ill during their stay we will make every effort to contact you or any emergency contact, however in the interest of your cat’s health we will have our own vet see to your cat, if your cat has a medical condition, time permitting, we will of course be happy to make contact with your own vet for advice. You will be liable for the cost of any veterinary treatment incurred.
  • In the interests of other guests, if any fleas or worms are found on your cat during their stay, we will administer Spot-on at a cost of £10 per cat.
  • During peak times (Christmas, Easter, July & August) all bookings are subject to a minimum 3 day booking charge at the appropriate rate.